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In some circumstances a person who provides a Sweetheart Encounter is also identified and named an "indoor escort and call girl". As the purpose of what that kind of service allows, compared with a "street escort and call girl" an "indoor escorts and call girl" provides a sort of connections which contains discussion, passion and common sexual satisfaction. "Indoor escorting" also includes: massage studios and bathhouses, brothels, remove groups, and escorts and Call girls in Mumbai. No matter the variations, this kind of connections still continues between the boundaries of the deal.

Opposite to street escorting inside escorting is less likely to get problems from witnesses because from the outside this experience seems to be a conventional connection of Mumbai Escorts and call girls in Nariman Point. Because this level of escorting is considered to be top quality, most connections are made online instead of the standard idea of escorting where the customer would meet the hooker on the roads. The cost of these services relies upon on the hooker as well as the functions that are executed.